You can purchase our music arrangements!‬

The Hyannis Sound is pleased to open their library of award-winning vocal music arrangements for purchase.  Professional, amateur, collegiate and high school groups can each benefit from use of these easy-to-read transcriptions. Within the group, our arrangements are often called GIP which means "goo in progress" due to the fluid (always-evolving) nature of our arrangements. But the foundations behind most of them are in there - so this site is the place to acquire many of our favorites from over the years,

Our library includes the full collection from award-winning arrangers Samrat Chakrabarti, Ed Boyer, Nate Altimari, Mark Manley, Eric Fosbury, James Harrington, Victor Sandman, Cooper Cerulo, Tim Bongiovanni, Andy Delong, Brian O'Shaughnessey, Jeff Eames and Townsend Belisle.  The bios for these gentlemen are here.

Each existing male-voice arrangement sells for $100. Transcriptions/re-arrangement for all-female or mixed voices may be ordered for an additional $50 and will be produced on an as-needed basis.

In either case, any arrangement purchased will be provided for use by ONE group. You must sign a waiver regarding exclusive use (you cannot share or sell the arrangement to any other group without our permission) and you must give proper credit and provide one product for any recordings as well as take responsibility to secure the recording rights.

Please see the navigation to the right for further information. Thanks for your consideration!