Matt Goldstein
Sharon, MA  |  Vassar College '17

Matt Goldstein could not be more excited to be spending a summer on the Cape as a member of Hyannis Sound! These guys are honestly some of the coolest, kindest, most talented guys he’s ever met, and he cannot wait to spend 3 whole months with them making music and adventuring around Cape Cod. (Don’t tell them he said that - we don’t want them getting big heads, now do we?)

Matt, currently 21 years of age, spent the earlier days of his youth in Sharon, Massachusetts doing exactly what you’d expect - lots of singing. His poor parents were dragged to probably over 100 choir concerts, school musicals, madrigal choir concerts, band concerts, tenor/bass choir concerts, plays, district choir concerts, talent shows, and select choir concerts. Did he mention choir concerts? As if that wasn’t enough, he then co-founded an a cappella group in his sophomore year called “Pitch, Please”, which he led for 3 years. 

After falling in love with a cappella in high school, Matt continued his a cappella adventures as a student at Vassar College with The Vassar Devils. After becoming the group’s music director in his sophomore year, he led the group to perform on Broadway at ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella) Finals, to win the BOSS (Boston Sings) competition, and even to perform for President and First Lady Obama at the White House! His time music directing the Devils solidified his love for leading group music, and after graduating this last May with a degree in Music and Drama, he hopes to one day continue spreading his passion for music as a high school choir teacher. 

When he’s not making music, Matt enjoys eating macaroni and cheese, hiking during that golden hour of sunlight right before sunset, and procrastinating his responsibilities.

Matt would like to thank his family and friends, who mean the world to him and have made all of this possible. He is so honored to be a part of this incredible Hyannis Sound family, and cannot wait to begin what is sure to be one of the best summers of his life!