Nick Cipriano
Long Island, NY  |  Marist College '16 

Nick is so extremely excited to be spending his third summer on Cape Cod this year, and is even more excited to be doing it with such an incredible group. He never thought that he would get this chance and so, is both pumped and honored to perform with these fine and talented gentlemen for another summer.

Nick, who sings bass, is your typical music loving guy from Long Island who can’t remember a time when he wasn’t singing. From elementary school choirs to middle and high school select choirs, Nick has done whatever he could to keep up with music- something he plans on continuing for the rest of his life.

Nick just recently graduated from Marist College with a degree in Psychology and Public Relations. While the future is unclear in regards to what he will be doing post-grad, Nick is actively searching for the next step and the next adventure. At Marist, Nick was a part of not only the general choir, but also the Chamber choir, and TimeCheck, the all-male a Capella group on campus, among many other organizations. Even more so, Nick spent the Fall 2014 semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and experience that he will never forget (or stop talking about). 

Nick would just like to thank all of his friends and family for sticking behind him and pushing him to do his best. It is because of those people that he is here today and without their love and encouragement, he would not have had the courage to do all of this. Special shout out to his fantastic friend Courtney for getting him hooked on Hyannis Sound and pushing him to audition (you rock). Here is to another incredible summer on the Cape, hope you can all come!

Fun Fact: Nick’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day.